Installment Payments, No Credit Cards

Only 2 out of 10 Filipinos own a credit card. Serve more customers and grow your business by directly offering installment plans without a need for credit cards—risk-free!

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Grow Your Business with Jungle

  • Serve More Customers

    Only 2 out of 10 Filipinos have credit cards. Serve more customers with Jungle.

  • Ditch the Plastic Card

    With Jungle, anyone can pay installments without a need for a credit card. 

  • Risk-Free Installments

    Jungle pays its partner merchants in full so you won't have to face risks of loan default.

One Fee to Keep in Mind

Accept non-credit card installment payments, risk-free, with Jungle for a 3.5% sales commission fee.


How can my customers pay installments without using a credit card?

Jungle is a peer-to-peer checkout financing platform that seamlessly connects consumers who want to shop and pay in installments on your store and funders who want to grow their money through POS financing.

Using funders' capital, your business is paid in full in every purchase made through Jungle—removing all elements of risks in your business.

Do I need to use tools in order to accept Jungle payments? If so, what are the costs involved?

Yes. Jungle equips our partner merchants with our virtual terminal that enables them to accept Jungle installment payments.

The Jungle virtual terminal is a free, web-based app that works with your tablet and computer so you won't have to invest in new hardware.

When does my business gets paid?

Our partner merchants get paid twice a month. Two payout dates will be assigned to your business when you sign up with Jungle as a partner merchant.

Your funds will be directly deposited to the bank account that you will enroll in our system so you won't have to experience the hassle of lining up just to encash checks.

Will Jungle provide training so my staff will be prepared to accept installment payments?

Jungle's installment payment platform is easy to understand and operate. We also provide our partner merchants with the needed resources so they can accept Jungle payments with ease.

Can I accept Jungle installment payments even if we're not selling gadgets?

Of course! We are building a financialy involved world by enabling consumers to pay in easy monthly installments for most of their favorite purchases like tour packages, dental and medical bills, fitness gym membership fees, tuition or course fees, gadgets, home improvement, and many more!

As long as you provide goods and services worthy of installment payments, Jungle is the right platform for your business.